Scam Alert service FAQs

Q. What is the Which? Scam Alert service? 

A. We're launching a service that will alert you to some new scams, but also share practical advice to help keep you one step ahead of the fraudsters. We'll also share any relevant products and services from Which? that we think you may find interesting.

Q. How does it work?

A. We send the alert via email. It will go straight into your inbox.

Q. How frequently do you send the alert?

A. After the initial welcome emails, the alerts will be sent weekly. However, if we feel there is an urgent scam we need to tell you about, we'll send an alert as soon as we can.

Q. Why has Which? launched this scam alert service?

A. Protecting people from the threat of scams is a high priority for Which?. We have so much expertise on the evolving nature of scams, and we want to share that. It's our mission to help people recognise the warning signs so they can protect themselves from this menace. 

Q. What should I do if I’ve seen a scam?

A. If you’ve seen a scam that you’d like to share with us, please tell us via our scam sharer tool - this is the best way to contact our experts directly. You can also email email [email protected] *Please only share screenshots of scams, do not forward the scam as our system will block this.*

Q. When I hover over the links in the scam alert email it has e-activist, why is this?

A. Engaging Networks is the software platform we use to distribute our supporter emails. Links are automatically generated and will direct users to the Which? website. They allow us to understand whether people are clicking our emails so we can know whether we're sending them information that is relevant and useful. If you are uncomfortable clicking on email links you can visit our website directly.

Q. What if I no longer want to receive the alerts?

A. At the bottom of every scam alert email there’s an opportunity to opt out of the alert service.

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